About Ghosts of the Covenant

Welcome travelers of Tamriel! Are you ready to stain the snow of Ebonheart land with blood? Are you waiting for the chance to pillage the land of the Dominion? Do you think you have what it takes to be a true Champion of Daggerfall? The real question is...Are you worthy to bear the title of "Ghost"? 

If you think you are ready, look no further. The Ghosts of the Covenant are a PvP guild who raid the lands of Cyrodiil, drink mead in the name of Nocturnal and spill the blood of every enemy who dares to raise a blade to us.

Not ready to take on the armies of Cyrodiil? No worries. Ghosts of the Covenant are looking for master crafters looking to have a purpose and a chance to show off their skills and craft.

Apply today for your chance to be a Ghost of the Covenant.

Guild News

No News Is Currently Available

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